Nemesis is the Goddess of Retribution and Goddess of Revenge.

Greek Mythology

In ancient Greek religion, Nemesis, also called Rhamnousia or Rhamnusia ("the goddess of Rhamnous"), is the goddess who enacts retribution against those who succumb to hubris (arrogance before the gods).

Nemesis has been described as the daughter of Oceanus or Zeus, but according to Hyginus she was a child of Erebus and Nyx. She has also been described, by Hesiod, as the daughter of Nyx alone. In the Theogony, Nemesis is the sister of the Moirai (the Fates), the Keres (Black Fates), the Oneiroi (Dreams), Eris (Discord) and Apate (Deception).

In the God of War Series

God of War III

Nemesis does not appear and she doesn't aid the gods and Zeus in the Second Titanomachy. Nemesis is referenced by Hephaestus, he mentioned retribution, he gives Kratos a weapon named after her called Nemesis Whip. She must have used her powers to help Kratos to get his vengeance on Zeus for betraying him, since she is the goddess of revenge.

Powers and Abilities

Nemesis is a dangerous and powerful goddess.

  • Immortality: as a Goddess, She is immortal. Only a sufficiently powerful weapon or an extremely powerful being can kill her.
  • Superhuman Stamina: As a Goddess of Revenge, she required no sleep or even rest.
  • Superhuman Durability:  As a Goddess, she was able to stand on her own against her enemies and deal with massive damage.
  • Superhuman Strength: As a Goddess, she is powerful enough to hurt her victims and do massive damage to her enemies.
  • Inhuman Durability: As a Goddess, she was able to stand on her own against immense powerful enemies.
  • Shape-shifting: Nemesis can change herself into a goose and fish.


  • The red female Primordial whose blood created the Furies may be Nemesis, goddess of vengeance and retribution. These titles make her the probable mother of the Furies.
  • The Nemesis Whip is most likely named after Nemesis, the Greek Goddess of Retribution and Revenge, and showed in the way that Hephaestus referred to it as 'retribution'. Its element was also an apparent attempt at ironic revenge against Zeus.
  • Nemesis along with her sisters Hemera, Clotho, Lahkesis, and Atropos and brothers Thanatos, Hypnos, Charon and Aether are cousins of the Titans, Ouranos, and Typhon since Nyx and Gaia are sisters.
  • In Hesiod's Theogony, it is said that the Moirai (Fates) are the daughters of Nyx making them the sisters of Nemesis, Hemera and Thanatos, Charon, Aether, and Hypnos.
  • In the Mythology, Nemesis was shown that she can change herself when she was hiding from Zeus.
  • Megaera, a Fury in God of War: Ascension, was seen wielding the Nemesis Whip as her weapon in one of her Concept Art, but apparently the idea was scrapped. The most probable reason for that was the association between the Furies and Nemesis, since both represented justice and retribution. It's unlikely that such connection existed in the series or that even another Fury wielded the Whip in the game, but that idea may have been recycled for another character in Ascension.
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