In music untold truths be spoke to those willing to hear it. Join your voice to the Muses' song and lift Olympus' burden.

–- Writing at one of the paintings in the Chamber of the Flame.

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A Muse

Greek Mythology

In Greek mythology, the Muses were the many daughters of Zeus and his aunt Mnemosyne, nine in total. Each Muse represents a certain element of art, music, poetry, etc. The Muses are: Calliope, Clio, Erato, Euterpe, Melpomene, Polyhymnia, Terpsichore, Thalia, and Urania.

God of War

At Athens, in the chamber where Kratos gains the power of Zeus' Fury, there's a golden mural of a Muse. In Pandora's Temple there is a solid gold door dedicated to the Muses. To unlock this door, two Muse Keys are needed; however, there are 4 - in case you miss one out. They can be found:

1) In Challenge of Atlas, behind Atlas' statue, near the first son's skull.

2) In Challenge of Poseidon, after the rotating room with 4 red chests and spikes, you will encounter some Legionnaire Captains, defeat them, climb to the highest ledge and go RIGHT instead of LEFT, you'll find a treasure chest containing a muse key.

3) Also in Challenge of Poseidon, after reaching an almost-broken picture of Nyads which has a Nyad behind it, go left, you'll encounter some Legionnaire Captains. At the end of the room, there is a cracked wall, open it and you shall see loads of jars, behind all of these jars is a treasure chest which contains another key. (Since this is last key to be found, if you got the 2 others the chest will have a small amount of red orbs instead).

4) In Challenge of Hades, when on the balance beams avoiding the spinning blades you reach a point where you have to slide down a rope to reach th exit. BEFORE sliding down the rope, follow the beam to the right for this chest. (If you do miss this one you can actually go back and get it by climbing up the broken platforms that broke when you activate the switch that lets the Minotaur out. But it is hard to go backwards across the beams with the spinning blades because of the camera).

After this door is unlocked, it leads to the Chamber of the Gods.

Muse Keys

Muse Key

Muse Key

The Muse Keys are small figures of the Muses. Both of them can be found within Pandora's Temple. Once Kratos has both of them, he can use them to open up a passage into the Chamber of the Gods, where he'll receive an upgrade for his health and magic meters, as well as a lot of extra Red Orbs.

God of War III

In God of War III, two statues of the Muses appear in the Chamber of the Flame, where they lift the Flame the Olympus.


  • Kratos' daughter Calliope is named after the Muse of epic or heroic poetry.
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