God of War... Jason... That beast took him... All our men are dead.

Last Argonaut

In God of War II, the Mole Cerberus is a large, strong, black, three-headed variation of the common Cerberus.

Kratos discovered it has partially eaten Jason, leader of the Argonauts. During the fight, the Cerberus ate one of Jason's arms that held the Golden Fleece. It had the ability to spit fireballs and breathe waves of flames.

Kratos had no choice but to retrieve the Golden Fleece from within the beast. After weakening the beast, Kratos first stabbed two of the minor heads, then broke the dog's mouth open, nearly killing it. He finally sticks his hand in the main head's mouth, and ripped the Fleece out from inside of it, thus killing it. All of its attacks are blockable.


  • The left and the right head of the Mole Cerberus are blind as they have no eyes, this is probably the reason that this Cerberus is referred to as the Mole Cerberus as moles have no eyes. The main head has red eyes.
  • In the official God of War II strategy guide, the Mole Cerberus is referred to as Cursed Cerberus and Cerberus Bastard.
  • The Mole Cerberus's left head has a pair of oversized fangs in its upper jaw, while its right head has a pair of oversized fangs in its lower jaw. The central head has a pair of large fangs on both sides of its mouth.

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