Forged in the fires of Asgard and tempered in glacial ice, the Mjolnir will obliterate enemies with its thunderous might.

Mjölnir is a weapon in God of War: Ascension's multiplayer and the hammer of Thor the God of Thunder in Norse mythology. Mjölnir is available for the multiplayer mode of God of War: Ascension if the game is preordered from Best Buy.


A Viking hammer, useful for all forms of combat.

–In-Game Description

The Mjölnir is a huge war hammer. Unlike most of the mauls and hammers in the Multiplayer, the Mjölnir has a rather simple design. It is decorated with a blueish metal and have Norse symbols on it.

Its attacks range from short range attacks to unblockable heavy slam attacks, making useful in very useful for close combat and crowd control.



  • Rank 1 - +3% Physical Damage; +7% Physical Defence
  • Rank 2 - +4% Physical Damage; +8% Physical Defence
  • Rank 3 - +5% Physical Damage; +9% Physical Defence


  • Odin's Peacemaker - A short range leap attack that launches opponents. L1 + Square
  • Hail of Valhalla - Unblockable. A heavy slam attack that launches a radius of opponents. L1 + Triangle



  • Mjölnir does not originate from Greek mythology. Instead, it comes from Norse and belongs to the God of Thunder and Lightning, Thor. This might be a reference to the game creators wanting Kratos to fight the gods and heroes from Norse mythology which went on to be shown in God of War (2018).
  • The Stats and the description of its attacks are the same as for the Champion's Hammer.
  • The hammer was used in the God of War de-make, Bit of War.
  • The weapon was created with a collaboration between Sony Santa Monica and the History Channel.
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