This power was never meant for mortal hands


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Kratos standing near The Mirror of Destiny

The Mirrors of Destiny are giant mirrors, located at the highest ledge of Clotho's Loom Chamber.

Within the mirrors, various past events of a person's life are shown. When Kratos killed Clotho, he took control of his thread, and with it, rewound the events of his past as shown in the mirror.

Kratos then first went back through time to where Zeus betrayed him. After engaging the King-God in battle, Kratos then accidentally killed Athena, and watched as Zeus fled back to Olympus.

Kratos then returned to the present, into the chamber, and rewound his thread even further, passed his own day of birth, all the way to the end of the Great War. There, he retrieved Gaia and the other Titans, saving them from defeat, and taking them back to his time. Kratos and the Titans then appeared at Mount Olympus in present time, where a baffled Zeus and the rest of the Gods prepared to make a final stand.


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