Kratos in the volcano

The Methana Volcano served as the prison of the Titan Thera.

God of War: Ghost of Sparta

After a brief encounter with Scylla, Kratos found himself in this volcano. After traversing through the area, he came across two large doors. As he moved in closer to the doors, Lanaeus tried to prevent Kratos from entering. Kratos, however, entered the doors anyway, much to the irritation of Lanaeus. After encountering an imprisoned Thera, he took a portion of her power, and, at the same time, freed her from her prison. After Kratos escaped the chamber Thera was held in, a vengeful Lanaeus then activated a nearby Automaton to kill Kratos, for all his hard work had been ruined due to Thera's escape. Kratos quickly destroyed the Automaton and journeyed forward. As Kratos moved through the volcano, he encountered Scylla yet again, but was able to kill her by drilling her head with an Archimedian Screw, which resulted in the screw malfunctioning. Due to the fact that Archimedian Screws are used to prevent lava from overflowing onto Atlantis, Kratos had, in fact, caused the volcano to erupt. As the volcano erupted, the force of the eruption flung Kratos through the skies, onto the Island of Crete. Kratos then left the area, after having seen the destruction he had caused.

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