Hecatonchires monster arms

A being transformed by the parasites.

Megaera's Parasites are insect-like creatures that spawn out of a diseased looking rash on Megaera's chest.

God of War: Ascension

These insect like beings act as weak common enemies to Kratos as he traverses the Hekatonchires. When on their own, they act a lot like Hades nymphs from God of War II and are dispatched in the same way. The parasites have the power to latch onto living creatures and force them to fight for Megaera; they burrow under the skin and transform the organism into a mindless slave with green, insect-like qualities. They can even transform organsims that are as large as the Hekatonchires.


  • They resemble the scarabs from the egyptian/arabian mythos
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