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Tipped with the venomous spikes and leathered skin of the Manticore, this armor channels a lion's bite and a scorpion's sting.

–In-game description

The Manticore Armor is an armor set from Multiplayer available to all alliances after certain labors are completed.



Manticore Armor

This armor was made from the protective hide of the Manticore, the mythological beast with a lion body, bat wings, and a scorpion sting.

The purple leather helmet covers most of the champion's head and face, leaving only the eyes, nose and mouth uncovered, and is decorated with spikes and what seem to be dark feathers.

The upper armor protects most of the champion's torso and arms, leaving only his hands and part of his shoulders uncovered. It is completely made of the Manticore's purple leather as well, but it has lots of metallic ornaments and a silver chest plate shaped like scales. The backs of the armor are completely made of leather scales.

The lower armor has both a frontal and a hind loincloth, both of which come down from a metallic waistband. Leather cloths also come down from both sides of the same waistband. Finally, the champion's feet are protected by "sandals" made of more leather and metal, and his shins are protected by more silver structures that are also shaped like scales.

This is the armor that offers the greatest amount of Physical Resistance in the whole Multiplayer, even more than any armor of Poseidon. However, it also decreases Health, but this decrease can be minimized by leveling up the armor. Combined with the Armor of Medusa, which offers Elemental Resistance, it's possible to greatly decrease the damage of any attack inflicted by the enemy.

How to unlock

  • Helmet - Triumphant III (10th Match of Champions victory)
  • Chest - Renowned IV (25th Capture the Flag victory)
  • Legs - Champions IV (25th Team Favor of the Gods victory)


  • Rank 1 - -3 Health; +14 Physical Resist
  • Rank 2 - -2 Health; +15 Physical Resist
  • Rank 3 - -1 Health; +16 Physical Resist
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