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Magic is a set of powers given to a champion. This set is unique for each god and for the champions aligned to said god. Magic can used in every multiplayer mode. Magic can be selected in the "abilities" section under "champion" in the multiplayer main menu.

There are four types of magic to choose from per god. Each magic has unique properties and can deal massive damage, steal health, or freeze opponents. Magic is triggered by pressing the R2 button. In order to use magic the second bar beneath the health bar must be filled with the required amount before being triggered.

In order to fill magic one must either gain it by moving over blue fountains found throughout the various multiplayer maps or by taking it from enemies in various ways. Some enemies like the "Fire Talos" and "Wraiths" provide magic upon death (usually via brutal kill). Each magic requires a "cost": that is the amount of magic required to trigger the use of it. There are three costs for magic 50, 75, and 100. If a magic costs 50 that means when the blue bar is full you can use the magic 2x before having to refill. It is important to use whatever magic suites your game play style and also to use it at advantageous times. Magic can be ranked up 2 times. Each time a magic is ranked up new properties can be unlocked for the magic which include higher damage, addition of a new stat, duration of the magic, and reduced cost to name a few. 

Ares Alignment Magic

Magic Picture Description
Fist of Ares
Fist of Ares.PNG
A quick and short ranged powerful melee attack that causes an explosion sending players flying out of the arena or bouncing off walls. Plants a mine on successful hits, causing your victim to launch again after 2 seconds. Cost: 50 magic. Uses: 2 (Rank 3).
Ares Inferno
Ares Inferno.PNG
Quickly leap high into the heavens, allowing rapid movement for up to 6 seconds. Upon landing, a massive explosion launches all nearby enemies into the air. The explosion now breaks enemy blocking for 7 seconds if it hits. Press R2 to land early. Cost: 50 magic. Uses: 2 (Rank 3).
Ares Fury
Ares Fury.PNG
Become the Demigod of war. Your basic attacks will be replaced by powerful elemental attacks for the duration. Defense and physical power are greatly increased. You will burn all enemies who come into contact with you. Duration 9 seconds. Cost: 75 magic (Rank 3).
Unleash a fiery explosion upon your enemies. Earn a second devastating explosion by successful completion of a minigame. Burn enemies hit by the explosion. Cost: 100 magic (Rank 3).

Poseidon Alignment Magic

Magic Picture Description
Poseidon's Crest
Poseidon's Crest.PNG
Creates a quick, large powerful blast of ice that greatly slows and bounces enemies. Cost 50 magic. Uses: 2 (Rank 3)
Ice Maelstrom
Ice Maelstrom.PNG
Summon a longer lasting vortex of hazardous ice energy that will greatly slow, damage, and toss your opponent. Increased radius of attack. Cost: 75 magic (Rank 3).
Tide of Redemption
Tide of Redemption.PNG
Emit a massive energy field that stuns opponents but heals all friendly players within 40 meters. Longer lasting heal regenerates additional health over 8 seconds and slightly buffs defense. Cost: 75 magic (Rank 3).
Emit a powerful freezing nova that affects a greater area. Cost: 100 magic (Rank 3).

Zeus Alignment Magic

Magic Picture Description
Lightning Storm
Lightning Storm.PNG
Summon a powerful bolt of lightning to create an explosion beneath you. Your lightning storm pulls enemies towards the center of the lighting strike before it hits making it more difficult to escape. Greatly increase the size and radius of your lightning. Cost: 100 magic. Uses: 2 (Rank 3).
Reckoning of Zeus
Reckoning of Zeus.PNG
Summon a powerful bolt of electricity that shocks and stuns all enemies. Damages within a large radius. The bolt will explode afterwards causing additional damage. The final explosion now silences anyone whom it hits. Duration: 4 seconds. Cost: 50 magic Uses: 2 (Rank 3).
Olympic Judgement
Olympic Judgement.PNG
Project a powerful lightning cone directly in front of you, electrifying and causing massive damage to anyone it hits. A final shockwave will now send enemies flying. Duration: 4 seconds. Cost: 75 magic. Uses: 2 (Rank 3).
Channel bursts of lightning to electrocute enemies. Alternate between L1 and R1 to lengthen attack. Uninterruptable. Cost: 100 magic (Rank 3).

Hades Alignment Magic

Magic Picture Description
Life Steal
Life Steal.PNG
Execute a large and powerful grab attack that will steal health from your target and return 50% back to you. Cost: 50 magic. Uses: 2 (Rank 3).
Sacrificial Soul
Sacrificial Soul.PNG
Summon a large wave of souls on your nearest target, repeatedly stunning and launching them. Cost 50 magic Uses: 2 (Rank 3).
Hades Torrent
Hades Torrent.PNG
Envelop yourself in a vortex of negative energy, applying a strong curse that drains health from all nearby enemies. Cost: 100 magic (Rank 3).
Summon rotting arms from Tartarus to slam enemies to the ground. Steal life from enemies hit by the arms. Cost: 100 magic (Rank 3).


  • If a warrior jump on one of the urns in Rotunda of Olympus and uses Ares Inferno, he should be able to still attack without being seen and still crash into an opponent. This only works in Match of Champions and Trial of the Gods. Some instances can work with chests in any match.