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Spoils of war, these small tokens from the past keep you from slipping into the insanity of the furies.


The Lost Treasures is an item capable to soothe the suffering of Kratos and is used by him in God of War: Ascension.

God of War: Ascension

In the Village of Kirra, Kratos experiences an illusion of his family, and when he want to take the Lysandra's necklace and ring, they disappear. Orkos appear suddenly behind Kratos, who feels him and causing the Spartan to attack, but Kratos ceased his onslaught when Orkos explained his reasons. Using the lost treasures given by him, Kratos was able to discern reality from illusion. Before Orkos will draw away the Furies, he asks Kratos to seek out Aletheia the Oracle at Delphi, though he distrusted him.

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