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Lost Souls are skinless, lost souls, which are the size of a normal human.

In God of War III

  • Found only in the Realm of Hades and in Tartarus, this Enemy moves slowly, and is quite often found at small groups and sometimes all alone.
  • They will not attack you, unless you get too close. After killing them by grabbing the "O" they will drop a small green orb.


  1. It was shown during the trial of The Three Judges, some of the deceased mortals fall on the judges' court. Some of them were dragged by the Arms of Hades that appeared on the floor into a black void. When they emerged, they were turned into the lost souls. During the second trial, when they were in contact with the metal bars with unknown energy flowing through them, they were transformed into monsters such as the minotaurs and the Olympus sentries.
    • According to the first Trials of Erebus, "The Condemned: Fuelled by fear, the lost from the world above have nowhere to escape from their sins" and the second, "The Lost - Why do the condemned souls of Hades continue to seek salvation, when they are eternally damned?", it is likely that some of the souls were sinned mortals that earn damnation (first text) and they attempt to earn salvation but were transformed into monsters instead (second text) with their former selves lost.
  • It was shown that all the lost souls encontered by Kratos were extremely weak and defenseless. It should be noted that there are some heroes and great warriors amongst the mortals, so it could be that they were spared from such fate. Furthermore, there are no evidences that heroes such as Theseus and Perseus turned into one themselves. Kratos was also capable, through the Blades of Exile, summoned the souls of his exiled Spartan comrades temporarily to fight alongside him once more.
  • During Kratos' trip in the underworld, it is possible to see some of them in different positions, such as sobbing or praying, implying that they still retain their memories when they were still alive. Since there were no Charon the ferryman to transport them to The Three Judges to receive their final judgement, not to mention comfort in Elysium for the pure souls, they aimlessly wandered in despair and suffering.