Life is Short

The life is short challenge

Life is Short is the third of the five Challenges of Hades. In this challenge, Kratos must kill all of the enemies, before he dies. During this challenge, Kratos is bleeding out at a constant rate of 1 health point per second, making it hard to complete the task. Despite the presence of chained prisoners on the walls, which provide health when killed, they are barely enough to sustain Kratos' vitality. It also helps however to kill the enemies such as the Armored Minotaur via context-sensitive kills to receive Green Orbs. The enemies come in waves, first are the minotaur, second in the harpies, and third is the Hyperion Guard. This challenge is most easily completed with the Gauntlet of Zeus.


  • Life is draining at a constant rate of 1 health point per second.

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