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I have faith that our brothers of Sparta will live on through the true god of War.

–The Last Spartan.

The Last Spartan was a young Spartan commander who was very loyal to Kratos during his time as the God of War and was one of the few people Kratos actually cared for besides his family. He received his title due to him being the only mortal Spartan survivor after the betrayal of Zeus.

In the God of War Series

God of War: Ghost of Sparta

Kratos' quest to find Deimos led him to the Temple of Ares in Sparta. There, this Spartan ordered his fellow soldiers to pull Ares' statue down since Kratos had become the new god of War. The young Spartan glorified him and quickly left to retrieve something to him. After leaving the temple, Kratos again encountered the Spartan, who was waiting for him with the Arms of Sparta, Kratos' former weapons, which he looked after as if his own. After being thanked by Kratos, the Spartan took his leave and ordered him to return and protect Sparta.

God of War II

During Zeus' betrayal against Kratos, the entire Spartan army invading Rhodes was wiped out by the Blade of Olympus. This warrior was the only one who survived, despite being the closest to Zeus during the attack. When Kratos returned from the Underworld, he was greeted by the weakened Last Spartan, who was told to return to Sparta and protect it.

Upon traversing the Island of Creation, Kratos eventually came upon an area within the Palace of the Fates where a shadowed warrior claimed he had come too far to fail. A battle ensued between both men, neither knowing who they were fighting. Kratos was victorious, impaling the shadowed warrior and smashing him through a window. Both of them fell out of the room, and Kratos soon discovered with horror that it was The Last Spartan he had ordered to return home and defend the city.

Kratos angrily asked him why he had left Sparta unprotected. The dying warrior revealed to Kratos that Sparta was no more – Zeus had destroyed it in his absence. Only he had survived the attack, thanks to him falling unconscious and being shielded from further harm by a pile of rubble that had fallen over him. When he awoke, he found that every other citizen had perished, making him The Last Spartan. The dying warrior revealed his intention to receive an audience with the Sisters of Fate and request that they change the outcome of the fallen city. With his last breath, The Last Spartan told Kratos he had faith that their fallen comrades would live on through the true god of War.

Infuriated, Kratos yelled to the sky, demanding Zeus descend from Olympus and face him. At this time, the immense Kraken appeared and attacked Kratos, clutching him with its tentacles. Having lost his will to fight, Kratos had resolved to let himself perish. However Gaia appeared to Kratos in a vision in the form of Lysandra, urging him not to lose hope and granting him the ability to further unleash Rage of the Titans.

The corpse of the Last Spartan was useful in the battle with the Kraken, since Kratos placed it on a pressure plate, which activated an air vent, and allowed Kratos to fly using The Icarus Wings, and attack The Kraken's face. Towards the end of the battle, The Kraken realizes how Kratos is making use of the corpse, and devours it.

At the end of God of War II, Kratos went back in time and reclaimed the Blade of Olympus, changing both the fates of his Spartan warriors and The Titans. Thanks to Kratos changing the course of events that led to the destruction of Sparta, the fight between Kratos and The Last Spartan never took place, allowing the latter to survive. Though Greece would later be flooded when Kratos killed Poseidon during the events of God of War III, The Last Spartan's ultimate fate is never revealed.


The Last Spartan was the very archetype of a Spartan soldier: vigorous, resolved, disciplined, fearless, and with a strong sense of camadrerie. He was very loyal to Kratos during his time as the God of War, addressing him as "my lord", serving faithfully and with notable devotion. He was both an effective commander of the Spartans and an efficient enforcer of Kratos' will, which was seen when he directed a successful assault on Rhodes that had driven the city to its knees before the entire skirmish between Kratos, the Colossus and the subsequent fallout from Zeus' direct interference.

His commitement to Kratos was second to no one. During the siege of Rhodes, the Spartan was reporting the success of the attack to his God, as what could be interpreted as an offering. When Kratos returned to Sparta after travelling to Atlantis, the young commander was leading his men in tearing down the statue of Ares, the last vestige of the previous patron deity, while singing praises for the new God of War. Before Kratos departed again, the Spartan had bestowed him his spartan armaments which were personally polished and cared for by him. Kratos was openly pleased by the soldier's dedication and services and made no effort to hide it. After Zeus' betrayal, Kratos trusted the Last Spartan to lead the forces of Sparta in preparation to what could be an assault from Olympus, evidence that the Spartan was the ideal person to lead Sparta during Kratos' absence.

Although he held hatred toward the gods after Zeus destroyed Sparta, he never seemed to display any sympathy towards any members of the Greek Pantheon, merely recognizing Kratos as his one and only lord. The Spartan loved his nation deeply as he sought an audience with The Sisters of Fate to reverse time and restore the city, venturing inhuman perils and dangers on his own and without a single trace of abandon. After being fatally wounded by Kratos during his journey, who was unaware of his identity until it was too late, The Last Spartan displayed no enmity towards him, and did not fault Kratos for being unable to protect Sparta from Zeus. He maintained his loyalty and faith in Kratos, believing that the memory of Sparta would live on within him. Kratos himself was devastated by his loss.

Powers and Abilities

The Last Spartan was incredibly powerful for a mortal as he was regarded highly enough by Kratos to both lead The Spartan invasion of Rhodes and defend Sparta. During Kratos' and The Last Spartan's fight, the warrior proved to be a challenge even for The Ghost of Sparta, despite being armed with only a sword and shield. He had also proved to be very durable, as he was able to survive Zeus' attack when he ended the battle in Rhodes, even though he was the closest to the King of the gods. He also was able to survive Zeus' direct assault on Sparta, even though the King of the gods had used the full measure of his godly power. During his battle against Kratos, he was even able to survive being hit by Kratos' Blades of Athena multiple times.

It is remarkable that the Spartan not only survive Zeus's attack on Sparta but also survived the monsters, beasts, and puzzles that protected the Island of Creation. He even managed to make it to the same point as Kratos at the same time, despite having started what must have been weeks or months later. However, this may be possible because Kratos and other powerful warriors were on the island and had killed most of the monsters and solved half of the puzzles making The Last Spartan's journey a bit easier.

However, according to the novel of God of War II, The Last Spartan arrived in The Island of Creation before Kratos, which makes his feats truly incredible for a mortal like him. Given that he faced Kratos at the opposing end of the chamber, it can thus be deduced that the Last Spartan fought his way through an entirely different course than Kratos did during their expedition. If true, this speaks volumes of Last Spartan's abilities as the Sisters of Fate had secluded themselves in a way to make them as unreachable as possible for any entity to ever meet them in person, meaning he had to have surpasses hordes of vicious monsters and deadly traps and without taking advantage of Kratos' own progress. His skills in combat and survival seem to rival that of Perseus or The Barbarian King. According to Kratos in God of War (2018), The Last Spartan and the other Spartans were great warriors and trained from their birth.

The Last Spartan was also competent at other tasks as he was able to manage the city for architectorial duties. He could also skilled at managing weaponry, as he took care of the Arms of Sparta for Kratos, which were in perfect state.


  • The Last Spartan is one of the very few characters in the series never to have his name revealed.
  • His voice can be heard when Kratos jumps in The Pool of Blood.
  • Before entering the Garden of the Gods, where Kratos may open two red orb chests, the Last Spartan's shadow is seen behind a closed gate.
  • When Kratos returned to the time when Zeus killed him, he saved The Last Spartan, his soldiers, and Sparta from death and destruction. Blinded by anger and revenge, he killed Poseidon, thus drowning Greece and his beloved Sparta with it.
  • The fact that Kratos entrusted The Last Spartan to care for the Arms of Sparta over the years suggests the two were very close, even before Kratos became Ares' servant. It is possible that when Kratos served as general of The Spartan Army, The Last Spartan was his second-in-command.

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