God of War. Jason, that beast took him. All our men are dead.

–Last Argonaut

In God of War II, before entering the Temple of Euryale, Kratos comes across a dying soldier, who had previously been dragged inside a cave by two Minotaur Grunts. The soldier was the final survivor of the Argonaut force sent to guard Jason on his quest. He reveals himself as one of the Argonauts, and tells Kratos that Jason has been taken by the Mole Cerberus, and that Jason has the Golden Fleece. He then reveals that the Fleece is the key to the Temple of Euryale. After telling Kratos this, Kratos takes and sets him on a conveyor belt, upon which the Argonaut rolls into a spinning, crushing wheel and dies. This jams the wheel so that Kratos can destroy it, and open a passage to the arena where the Mole Cerberus is.


  • The Last Argonaut is voiced by Marc Worden.
  • When the Last Argonaut revealed that the Fleece is the key to the Temple of Euryale, he refers to it as "Medusa’s Temple".
  • Although he was the last surviving Argonaut, as the player progress through the game he would encounter several more members still alive but who shall inevitably die as Kratos encounters them.

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