Lance of Hades
Heated in the molten river of Phlegethon, this scythe tipped lance curses enemies with eternal pain of the Underworld.

–Ingame description

The Lance of Hades is a Multiplayer weapon only available to players who are aligned with Hades. The weapon becomes available at level 25.


A magical spear with good team support and stealth abilities


The Lance of Hades is a spear ending in a spiked scythe and as for the other half, ending in a dagger. The Scythe is decorated with purple details, showing its alliance with the warriors of Hades.

This is also one of the most versatile weapons a player can wield, due to its abilities to hide the user from enemies, drain their health and heal allies (see Death's Blessing) or to simply create a strong wave to push foes away and give the user some room (see Curse of Acheron).

Also, the spear, specially its godly version, reduces its owner's cooldowns, allowing him/her to use its special attacks more often in battle. It only lacks Physical Power, making its normal attacks weaker, but this doesn't affect its specials, which use Elemental Power. With all of these advantages, it's easy to understand why a single warrior carrying a Lance of Hades is enough to disrupt the whole enemy team in fear.


  • Rank 1 - n/a
  • Rank 2 - 10,000 XP
  • Rank 3 - 30,000 XP


  • Rank 1: +1% Physical Power; +3% Elemental Power; +2% Cooldown Reduction
  • Rank 2: +2% Physical Power; +4% Elemental Power; +3% Cooldown Reduction
  • Rank 3: +3% Physical Power; +5% Elemental Power; +4% Cooldown Reduction


  • Curse of Acheron - An elemental soul wave that curses all enemies in range and applies a cursed shield on teammates. L1 + Square
  • Death's Blessing - Summon a powerful cloaking bubble, hiding yourself and shielding your teammates from visibility. Enemies inside will be cursed with drain. L1 + Triangle

Godly Lance of Hades

Golden spear.


  • Rank 1: N/A
  • Rank 2: 35 000
  • Rank 3: 85 000


  • Rank 1: +1% Physical Power, +4% Elemental Power, +8% Cooldown Reduction
  • Rank 2: +2% Physical Power, +5% Elemental Power, +9% Cooldown Reduction
  • Rank 3: +3% Physical Power, +6% Elemental Power, +10% Cooldown Reduction


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