Have mercy, Lord Kratos. Don't do this, I beg of you! Why? Why have the gods forsaken me?


Lanaeus is a servant to Poseidon, charged with maintaining the machinery that supports the Methana Volcano and Atlantis.

In God of War: Ghost of Sparta

Shortly after having battled Scylla, Kratos ran into Lanaeus and his men, who worked to keep the Archimedian Screw stabilized. Kratos quietly avoided them and found a door that led to Thera, only to be threatened by Lanaeus not to open it, as it would unleash the mountain's fury, and undo all of his work, but his words fell on deaf ears. After Kratos released Thera, his actions caused the mountain to fall apart, being consumed by the unstoppable lava. Infuriated, Lanaeus cursed Kratos and activated one of the metallic statues onto Kratos, known as the Automaton. Vulnerable only to Thera's Bane, the Automaton eventually succumbed to Kratos' attacks and was destroyed, and released the Automaton Gear which Kratos to used as a key on the nearby door.

Later in his quest, Kratos returned to the now sunken city of Atlantis. There, he found a helpless Lanaeus, who called out for aid, along with a dysfunctional Automaton, that electrocuted the surrounding water. With no other options left, Kratos climbed to the ceiling and pressed forward. Seeing the Spartan get ever closer, Lanaeus warned him to stay back and pulled the switch, which closed the gate. Kratos quickly found an alternate route, then made his way down onto a safe platform, and attacked Lanaeus with his spear. Lanaeus then fell back into the water, which killed him from electrocution.


  • While alive, Lanaeus was very proud of his work having called himself "the master of the mountain".

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