"These waters have their own dangers ... and we have our own champions" - Lamia


Lamia is a minor character in the Rise of the Warrior comic webseries. Lamia is an ally of Poseidon, the God of the Seas.

It has the shape of a woman of great size, with the body of the color of the sea, and from its back, arms and legs hang several fins.

Greek Mythology

Lamia is a female character from Greco-Latin mythology and folklore, characterized as scary and seductive terrible. It is conceived as an individual character, but also as the generic name of a type of monsters (lamias). Lamia was a queen of Libya whom Zeus loved, daughter of Poseidon and Libya. Hera, jealous, transformed her into a monster and killed her children. Lamia was condemned to not be able to close her eyes, so that she was always obsessed with the image of her dead children. He had the body of a snake and the breasts and the head of a woman.

Rise of the Warrior

After saving Circe on the island of Eea, the warrior and his men create an alliance with the sorceress and depart to Delphi, where the Gem of Uroboros is found, in possession of an Oracle.

On their way through the Mediterranean Sea they are attacked by Lamia, who grabs the warrior and warns him of the dangers of the sea. Leaving the warrior back on the boat, the ally of Poseidon offers the warrior to swear allegiance to the God of the Seas in exchange for not ending his life at that moment. The warrior accepts and promises loyalty to Poseidon, offering him his services and his life, an oath that the god accepts through her.

Lamia at that time allows them to continue their journey, giving the warrior a bow as a reminder of their fidelity to their warrior brothers, an arc that must return to Poseidon when they meet again.


  • Lamia is the only creature does not appear in any God of War series.
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