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The Lake of Nine is a major location in God of War (2018) .

LAke of nine.png


The Lake of Nine is located roughly in the center of Midgard, and as such it serves as a hub to where other areas in Midgard can be accessed. Along the coasts of the lake are the eight realm towers, with Tyr's Temple at the center.

The area can be accessed soon after meeting Freya, and Kratos and Atreus use her boat to row to the lake. Upon nearing the lake, Atreus remarks that the sea stinks.

When Kratos and Atreus first visit the lake, much of it and the surrounding coasts are flooded due to Jörmungandr's presence. Atreus notices what appears to be the head of a statue, and they row over to examine it. The writing tells Kratos to throw his weapon into the center of the lake, and Kratos complies. After throwing his axe, Jormungandr emerges from its depths and spits out his axe. His emergence from the bottom of the lake causes the water level to lowersignificantly, and the previously submerged Tyr's Temple can be accessed. The serpent continues to reside within the waters of the Lake of Nine, during and after the story.


  • The "Nine" in the title refers to the nine realm towers that surround the lake. However, after the disappearance of the Jotunheim tower, only eight towers remain.