Typhon's Lair.

The Lair of Typhon is the gigantic snowy mountain that stands somewhere between Rhodes and the Island of Creation. After he was defeated by the Dark Rider, Kratos recovered and ended up flying the Pegasus into the mountain's caverns, where he found the great Titan Typhon imprisoned in his lair. The Pegasus then got trapped under one of Typhon's giant hands, with Kratos forced to find a way to free it. Kratos began ascending the mountain, eventually finding Prometheus chained in his torment to one of Typhon's fingers sticking out from the mountain. Continuing forward, Kratos obtained the power of Typhon's Bane from Typhon's Cavern, using it to free Prometheus and thus gaining the Rage of the Titans power as a reward. With that, he freed the Pegasus and continued his journey.



  • Though it isn't mentioned, the "Lair of Typhon" is possibly Mount Etna, the mountain that Zeus imprisoned Typhon under after they waged a fierce battle. Ironically, Etna was a volcano, where as Typhon's lair in God of War II is depicted as an icy cavern.
  • It could actually also be a combination of Mount Etna and Mount Caucasus, because Caucasus is where Zeus had Prometheus chained in his torment.
  • The hand that Prometheus is chained on can possibly be the hand of Typhon, as it is protruding outside of the cavern Tyhpon is imprisoned in.


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