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Labyrinth of Daedalus

The Labyrinth of Daedalus appears in the multiplayer mode of God of War: Ascension. It features as three multi-leveled cubes that make up the Labyrinth seen in God of War III. This map also features Skorpius.


  • Spike Pit
  • Skorpius
  • Flamethrower
  • Fire Pit

Godly Intervention

When the gods intervene, the Chain of Balance is used to escape up into a high cage and control the center cube to spin around, knocking anyone off to their deaths.

Trial of the Gods

The Labyrinth also became the newest map featured in Trial of the Gods mode. In this mode, it is very bigger than its original 4x4 Favour of the Gods version, with many new portions that resemble the original Labyrinth of God of War III.

Players begin the match in one of the many caves in Olympus, and must kill enemies to unlock the path to the cubes. The second, third, fourth and last rounds are played on some of these cubes. The cubes of the third and fourth rounds, for example, are the ones seem in the original Labyrinth map for Favour of the Gods, on which each team - Spartans and Trojans - start the matches, and contain many deadly traps to the beasts at each floor. Occasionally, Skorpius also intervenes by climbing the cubes and trying to kill players with deadly pincer chops and by spitting at them, which blows anyone too close to her away to their death in the abyss.

At the final round of the match, players must face Skorpius herself and many enemies spawned to aid her on one of the cubes. She is finally killed by being smashed between two cubes, and by doing this, the match is won.

Although the Chain of Balance is not actually used in this mode, it is possible to see it at the background of Skorpius' boss fight. Enemies featured in this mode include Skorpius Spawns, Satyrs, Hooded Gorgons, a Siren, Elephantaurs, Fire Taloses, HarpiesDelos warriors and Satyr Fiends.

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