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Lúnda is a female dwarven blacksmith who is friends with Brok and Sindri. With smithing skills comparable to the Huldra brothers, she works in support of Freyr's resistance efforts.


Like the other Dwarven characters met on Kratos and Atreus' journey, Lúnda stands at a rather small stature compared to many of their companions, followed by a similar build to that of Brok. Most notably, Lúnda appears to have suffered an injury of some kind to her left eye, which has left the color of her iris a striking white, contrast to her brown right eye. She has fair skin, a slash scar across her left eye (which also extends to her upper lip) and visible lateral canthal lines near the corners of her eyes. It's worth noting that some patches of Lúnda's skin may be bluing in a manner similar to Argyria, particularly near her left temple. Lúnda is a brunette with likely longer hair, which is braided and styled in an elaborate ponytail.

In terms of attire, Lúnda's outfit begins with a primarily white short-sleeved underdress, whose sleeves are white with small and simple amber, swirl-patterned bands that wrap around the arms of her sleeves. A light blue design borders these bands, followed by solid white cuffs. Over top this underdress is Lúnda's overdress, which is primarily blue and with the same amber colored designs as its straps over her shoulders. Not much can be gleaned in terms of the overdresses waist design due to Lúnda's apron, though it's worth noting that the skirt of her overdress splits down the middle before reaching her shoes. Lúnda's waist-apron is predominantly brown in color, the waist strap being a deeper chestnut color compared to the lighter leather used for the lower section. The lower section of this apron is decorated with Urnes styled leather-punching, with amber fabric weaved around the outer borders, and two circular layers of leather stitched into either side of the waist-apron. The upper section of Lúnda's apron also serves as a utility belt, allowing her to carry various accessories to her convenience. A brown flask, leather pouch and rolled-leather inscription of some kind are among a few of her known items. Lúnda additionally wears a few other accessories on her form, such as a steel necklace with assorted charms, three brooches on the straps of her overdress (with the third being in the center of the overdress), safety goggles atop her head, and some sort of fabric wrapped around her left arm. Her left hand is covered with a dark brown leather glove, with amber Urnes stitching on its cuff. Lúnda's shoes are a simple brown.

God of War[]

Kratos had this to say in the codex: "An old friend of Brok, and blacksmith to Freyr's "army." She seems the Huldra Brothers' equal in skill. She is also their equal in being too familiar too quickly and behaving strangely. Her comments are often puzzling and difficult to interpret and... I catch her staring. Often. However, if her armaments are strong. I will tolerate her."


Much like her close friend Brok, she is very upfront about her emotions, bluntly flirting with Kratos and Freya alike with no shame.

Lúnda can also be quite cunning. We see this when she tricked Kratos and Freya to search for Helka's squeaky toy by consistently calling it an important special "green orb" and offering compensation for doing so.

She was a close friend of Brok, and she was saddened by his death as seen when you visit Lúnda while she's with Durlin and Ræb paying some respects to Brok before his funeral. After Odin's death and Asgard's destruction, she was grateful to Kratos for achieving this, and avenging Brok's death.

Later on, saying her last goodbye to her deceased friend, she was present at Brok's funeral.


Concept Art[]


  • During Lúnda's appearances she can be heard flirting with Kratos at one point and with Freya in another, this hints towards Lúnda potentially being bisexual.
  • After Brok's death and Sindri's departure, Lúnda takes over their workshops.