Kratos' Psyche in God of War III.

Nothing but darkness lies ahead, Kratos.


Zeus, King of the Gods, managed to trap Kratos into his own mind, which instilled a cold feeling of Fear throughout Kratos.

God of War IIIEdit

After he was trapped in his own mind, Kratos then traversed through and was painfully forced to relive the experience of killing Lysandra and Calliope. After Kratos pressed on, he was then aided by Pandora, whose spirit lit the way in the form of a blue fire. After he confronted his fears, Kratos was finally able to forgive himself for the murder of Lysandra and Calliope. Pandora assisted him further and helped him relive and overcome his accidental killing of Athena, after which Kratos learned to confront his demons and fears and lain them to rest. As the ground vanished underneath, Kratos fell into a pool of blood, and heard the voices of those he faced throughout his journeys. Pandora then led him to a mental image of Pandora's Box, while Zeus' voice was heard spitting out words that were spoken in great anger. As he opened the Box, Kratos unleashed the power of Hope. Using Hope, Kratos escaped his mind, took control of his body once more, and savagely beat Zeus to death.


  • In Kratos's own mind, Lysandra was killed before Calliope, but actually, they were killed simultaneously.