Warriors of Keros! Artemis, our Goddess of The Hunt, has granted us the power of The Kill.


Kerosians were a race of Greeks living on the island of Keros.

Pothia and her Kerosian allies.

God of War Comics

Kratos, a Spartan warrior, was on a quest to cleanse his daughter, Calliope, from disease using the powers of Ambrosia. While he and Captain Nikos were debating on whether or not the other soldiers should rest, Pothia took this chance to eliminate the Spartans, for she was on a quest for the Ambrosia as well, with intent to use it on her cursed village's infertile mothers who all birthed stillborn. The Spartans and Kerosians then fought, with Pothia attempting to seduce Kratos as an alternative to battle. Kratos killed her however, while his Spartans finished off the remaining Kerosians.

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