Kara is one of the nine corrupted Valkyries, located in the River Pass hidden chamber in Midgard.

Norse Mythology

In Norse mythology, Kára is a valkyrie, attested in the prose epilogue of the Poetic Edda poem Helgakviða Hundingsbana II.

The epilogue details that "there was a belief in the pagan religion, which we now reckon an old wives' tale, that people could be reincarnated," and that the deceased valkyrie Sigrún and her dead love Helgi Hundingsbane were considered to have been reborn as another Helgi and valkyrie couple; Helgi as Helgi Haddingjaskati and Sigrún as the daughter of Halfdan—the valkyrie Kára. According to the epilogue, further information about the two can be found in the work Káruljóð, which has not survived.


  • In legend, Kara was often called "a wild storm personified". Calm and collected at one point, then unleashing her fury upon the next. It was said her tears would cleanse the blood-soaked battlefields.
  • The difficulty of fighting Kara can spike to a surprising level on higher difficulties, especially on New Game+. This is because the base power of Draugr minions she summons change accordingly.
  • Kara's armour design is based on a ram.[1]



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