Jason has the Fleece, you must save him.

Last Argonaut


Jason's corpse being eaten by the Mole Cerberus.

Greek Mythology

Jason was the famous hero of Greek mythology who went in search of the Golden Fleece along with his loyal crew, the Argonauts.

God of War II

Jason and his men had journeyed to the Island of Creation for some unknown reason (they may have came across on the island on their way back to Iolcus after finding the Fleece), but they all ended up getting killed by the monsters in the Bog of the Forgotten. Jason himself, however, was partially eaten by a Mole Cerberus, who had then also eaten the Golden Fleece, which Jason had in his possession, right before Kratos came along and took the Fleece for himself.


  • In the novelization of GoW II, Jason survives his encounter with the Mole Cerberus and is rescued by Kratos. He then reveals that he sought the Sisters because he regretted leaving Medea for Creusa and wished to be reunited with her and their children. After the exchange, he attempts to kill Kratos, but Kratos instead kills him and takes the Fleece.

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