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The Jails of Sparta feature Kratos' encounter with the Dissenter and the Piraeus Lion.

God of War: Ghost of Sparta

In his journey to rescue Deimos from Thanatos' clutches, Kratos entered these jails and found himself battling monsters that appeared to be imprisoned within. Having made his way deeper into the building, he unintentionally released the Dissenter, a loyal servant of Ares. After slaying more vicious animals, he encountered the Dissenter again, who released the Piraeus Lion, to kill the new God of War. After an arduous battle, the Spartan proved superior over the monster, who was disemboweled. The defeated Dissenter tried to escape, but his efforts proved futile as the Spartan continually flung him from room to room, with various prisoners egging the God of War on. Finally, the Dissenter was killed when Kratos stabbed him with The Blades of Athena, and his corpse placed on a pressure plate, which led to Kratos' escape from the jails. After his exit, Kratos found himself traversing mountain tops to the Temple of Ares.