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I will reach the Sisters of Fate, and I will use your wings to do so!

Kratos, threatening Icarus.

Greek Mythology

Icarus' Wings were made of bee's wax and bird feathers. As Icarus and his father Daedalus flew from the island to freedom, Icarus flew too close to the sun, his wings melted and he fell into the sea, to his death. Icarus floated to an island and is buried there today.

God of War Series

God of War II

When Kratos encountered Icarus, he fought with him down the Great Chasm and then ripped off his wings and took them for himself, landing safely on the Titan Atlas. With the wings, Kratos can "glide" through the air, allowing him to travel across much greater distances than just jumping. While Kratos is flying however, the wings slowly fall apart, and if they dissipate enough before Kratos lands on solid ground, he'll automatically fall straight out of the air and onto the ground.

God of War III

Kratos kept his Icarus Wings, still allowing him to glide, as well as granting him the new Icarus Ascension ability, which allowed him to fly straight up into the air, to use air combos on tall enemies. Throughout Olympus, there are large shafts called Icarus Vents that can propel Kratos to areas he cannot normally reach by jumping; some of these vents are powerful enough to allow Kratos to fly up Mount Olympus, but he must avoid falling rocks and obstacles. They were amongst the equipment destroyed by Zeus.


Icarus Wings - abilities.jpg

  • Icarus Glide (Air) - While in the air, press X and continue holding to glide for a short amount of time. Hold X
  • Icarus Ascension - Use your wings to launch nearby enemies and jump into the air. L1 + X
  • Icarus Strike (Air) - While airborne, perform a quick single strike with your wings. L1 + X
  • Note that Icarus Ascension and Icarus Strike are no longer featured in God of War III whilst the Blades of Exile are equipped, unless you turn on Aphrodite's Garter.



  • The Icarus Wings appears as one of Kratos' moves in Soulcalibur: Broken Destiny, along with Poseidon's Rage.
  • Originally, God of War would already feature the Icarus Wings, but were cut from the game due to time constraints. The level incorporating them can be seen in part in the Deleted Levels documentary.
  • When using the wings in God of War II and God of War III, the wings instantly lash out from Kratos' back, and when not in use they disappear from where they came. Like most of the weapons and items in the God of War series, it is unknown where Kratos keeps them when not using them.
  • Whilst using the Blades of Athena in God of War III, pressing L1 + X will use the Icarus lift which makes Kratos jump using the wings. However, when using the Blades of Exile, that move is replaced.
  • In God of War III, the Icarus Wings can perform a special alternate air technique called 'Jet Dash'. This move requires attaining the Boots of Hermes (Lv. 1 is needed for it to work). It was not inserted by programmer and is considered a glitch. For more information about Jet Dash, refer to this video.
  • The Icarus Wings are used in PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale, along with the Head of Helios, Nemean Cestus, and Blade of Olympus.
  • As you use the wings in God of War II to glide for too long, the wings run out of feathers and Kratos crashes and falls on his chest.
  • The Icarus Wings appear in a cutscene from Bit of War.

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