Kratos in the Icarus Vent in God of War III.

With the Icarus Wings, Kratos used the Icarus Vents that were placed around Mount Olympus. Those vents transported large amounts of air upwards, and Kratos could ride it up to different parts of the Mountain. Aside from using the air to fly upwards, Kratos used the Icarus Wings to travel a vent without air downwards as well. During his flight however, Kratos dodged wooden support beams and flaming rocks, to ensure safe passage.

Smaller Air Vents existed as well, which produced currents that were strong enough to carry Kratos upwards, but not fly. They often lead to new areas, with Kratos occasionally having to create air vents himself, by igniting bramble pots by use of the Bow of Apollo, or through use of a Cerberus Mongrel.


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