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Iðunn is the Goddess of spring and eternal youth, she guards the apples of youth.

Norse Mythology

The name Iðunn has been variously explained as meaning "ever young", "rejuvenator", or "the rejuvenating one".  As the modern English alphabet lacks the eth (ð) character, Iðunnis sometimes anglicized as IdunIdunn or Ithun. An -a suffix is sometimes applied to denote femininity, resulting in forms such as Iduna and Idunna.

The name Iðunn appears as a personal name in several historical sources and the Landnámabók records that it has been in use in Iceland as a personal name since the pagan period (10th century). Landnámabók records two incidents of women by the name of Iðunn; Iðunn Arnardóttir, the daughter of an early settler, and Iðunn Molda-Gnúpsdóttir, granddaughter of one of the earliest settlers recorded in the book. The name Iðunn has been theorized as the origin of the Old English name Idonea. Idun, is also spelled Idunn, or Iduna, in Norse mythology, the goddess of spring or rejuvenation and the wife of Bragi, the god of poetry. She was the keeper of the magic apples of immortality, which the gods must eat to preserve their youth. When, through the cunning of Loki, the trickster god, she and her apples were seized by the giant Thiassi and taken to the realm of the giants, the gods quickly began to grow old. They then forced Loki to rescue Idun, which he did by taking the form of a falcon, changing Idun into a nut (in some sources, a sparrow), and flying off with her in his claws.

In the God of War Series

God of War (2018) 

Though the goddess herself does not physically appear, however her apples can be found around Midgard named after her, the Apples of Idunn act as a collectable item to assist the player. When Atreus and Kratos collects the apples his health will increase.

Powers and Abilities 

  • Immortality: as a Norse God, Iðunn is immortal. Only a sufficiently powerful weapon or an extremely powerful being can kill her.


  • Iðunn's Greek equivalent is the goddess Hebe, though the latter was never shown to exist in the God of War universe
  • Iðunn's apples can be found around Midgard, it could be possible that she travelled in Midgard before the events.
  • By collecting all the apples will unlock Iðunn Orchard Achievement.
  • It will increase Kratos health to maximum.
  • As the Norse gods are already immortal to begin with, it is unknown how she relates to her real-world mythological version. However, she could simply be seen as a cupbearer goddess as the apples are still a favorite of the gods and at times is also seen as a goddess of spring.