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Kratos battles two Hyperion Guards

The Hyperion Guards are powerful enemies that guard the inner chambers of the Temple of Helios.

From the waist up, they appear to be a muscular warrior with thick bronze gauntlets and a bronze helmet. From the waist down, they are composed of nothing but flames, and move by quickly floating/gliding about. In their right hand they carry a heavy bronze mace, and in their left hand they carry a giant bronze shield, which Kratos must destroy in order to actually harm them. They assault Kratos by coming at him, and delivering damaging swipes and slams with their mace. After weakening the foe, Kratos can kill it by leaping up onto it; latching his blades around its neck; and then pulling from behind until its head snaps off. Later in the game, in parts of the Underworld, Kratos will encounter a very similar enemy called Death Knights.

Death Knight

Kratos attacking a Death Knight

Death Knights are similar to the Hyperion Guard, except that their armor, shield, and mace are composed of black iron rather than bronze, and the lower part of their body is composed of sickly green underworld flames. Kratos encounters them in places such as Asphodel, Tartarus, and the Elysium Fields. Their fighting styles are the same as the Hyperion Guards, and Kratos can also kill these foes in the same way.


  • In some rooms in the Temple of Helios, Kratos encounters statues very similar to the Hyperion Guards. They are used to complete several puzzles.
  • Much like the Wraiths of Olympus, the helmets worn by the Hyperion Guards resemble the helmets worn by Roman gladiators, particularly the Murmillo, the Hoplomachus, the Samnite and the Thracian.