Aphrodite's Hyperion Gate in God of War III.

Throughout Mount Olympus, several Hyperion Gates could be found that were used to cross great distances quickly.

God of War IIIEdit

Those gates, with a reference to the great Titan, Hyperion, were scattered throughout Olympus, and were used to travel great distances in a very short time. Easily usable for very short distances as well, the gates functioned as a warp gate, which instantly brought its user from one location to another.

The most notable example was the one in the Underworld, which required the soul of a God to activate. It transported its user back to Olympus.

Several Gates were located near the Chain of Balance, which allowed Kratos to travel shorter, but harder to reach places between The Three Judges.

Another Hyperion Gate linked Poseidon's Chamber, Aphrodite's Chamber, and The Forge, though it was rarely used.


Trivia Edit

  • In God of War, after he defeated Ares, Kratos used a Similar Gate to travel from Suicide Bluffs to Olympus, in order to claim his throne as the new God of War.
  • It was unknown why Kratos did not simply use some of his Godly Powers which were contained in the Blade of Olympus, as when he was ascended to a God Level, so it was his soul, which thus had the soul of a God, and thus temporarily regained some of his powers that would have made him fit the aforementioned condition in the same way that he managed to enter Olympus in God of War, but it was most likely ignored by the developers of the game in order to have a longer and more interesting playtime.
  • The gates were also featured in Multiplayer of God of War: Ascension, so that the warriors could get into far places of the maps with ease. Although the warriors presumably did not have the soul of a God to enter in the gates, but maybe if one subjected his soul to a God, he may have been granted passage through the gates, but that hypothesis was not confirmed, since Kratos was never seen entering in a Hyperion Gate while he served Ares.