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Greek Mythology

In Greek mythology, Hyperion was one of the mighty Titans. He ruled the sun along with his sister Theia, and was also the father of Selene (Goddess of the Moon), Helios (God of the Sun), and Eos (Goddess of Dawn). Hyperion was the Titan of Light, Watching and Observation.

God of War: Chains of Olympus

Kratos finds Hyperion shackled in the depths of Tartarus, makes his way up and around the great Titan, and out of the depths.

God of War II & God of War III

Rumors arose saying Hyperion may or may not have been the unnamed Titan in the battle on Mount Olympus. During the battle, a sand-colored Titan is seen climbing up the mountain, right behind Oceanus, with the latter turning around to check up on the Titan. This sand-colored Titan could indeed be the Titan Hyperion. It is possible that he was attacked and killed when the Hippocampi pulled him down in the background when Gaia says "Something has me, I can not move Kratos. Free Me!"

Throughout Olympus, several Hyperion Gates can be found, to be used in crossing great distances quickly.The most notable example of this is the gate in the realm of Hades, which required the soul of a god to activate. Another Hyperion gate links the chambers of Aphrodite and her husband Hephaestus' forge, though it was rarely used.


  • Hyperion and Cronos are brothers, and were among the few Titans who conspired against their father Ouranos.
  • He seems to be one of the smaller Titans when seen in God of War: Chains of Olympus.

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