It's the giant one, it keeps healing the others!


Greek Mythology

In Greek Mythology, one of the Hydra's heads was said to be immortal. When Hercules was tasked with slaying the beast, he cut off all of its heads (burning the necks to prevent regeneration) and buried the immortal head under a boulder.

In the God of War Series

God of War

Kratos fights the Hydra King on the Aegean Sea. It's the dominant Hydra head; it's the largest head and the most hideous with its teeth and roar, it sits in the center of the body, and according to several sailors, it has the ability to heal and revive the other lesser heads. When Kratos arrives on the boat it was attacking, he witnesses it devouring the ship Captain along with the key he had. Kratos then fought the monster upon the top of the main mast of the ship. It attacks Kratos simply by slamming its open jaw down onto the board where Kratos stands, and by knocking him back with a powerful roar. Eventually, Kratos weakens it and runs the main mast repeatedly through the roof of its mouth and out of one of its eyes. With its death, the other smaller heads die as well.

God of War II

By beating the game on any difficulty, the player can unlock the Hydra Armor, made of the remains from the Hydra from God of War. Wearing this costume doubles Kratos's armor and the value of any Green, Blue, and Gold Orbs. However, this costume also lowers Kratos' overall strength by half.

God of War III

The Hydra King appears in a flashback after Kratos is betrayed by Gaia and after he awakened Hope from within him. In both sequences, Kratos beheads the Hydra King and the two other Hydra heads with the Blades of Chaos. Despite the flashback, Kratos did not decapitate the monster but impaled its main head on a mast.


  • The Hydra King is the only boss that does not release orbs to Kratos upon defeating it.
  • Due to an oversight in the programming, even after the defeat of the Hydra King, one of the smaller heads can still be seen fighting the fleet if the player backtracks without using the newly made available shortcut.
  • The Hydra King, along with the Hydra, appears in PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale as a stage hazard.
  • The Hydra King head appears behind the throne of the God of War in Olympus at the end of the game.


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