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Placing all of his godly power into the weapon had rendered Kratos mortal, vulnerable to the arms of death.


Kratos, a mortal, albeit a demigod

Mortals (Humans being part of them) are a race of beings who do not possess magical or god-like abilities. It is often a term that mostly applied to Humans.


Mortals possess no magical powers and are therefore subject to diseases, viruses, and death. Because of their lack of power, the Gods viewed them as nothing more than underlings. However, after Prometheus delivered the fires of Olympus to the mortals, Zeus and the rest of the gods began to realize their potential and value; albeit to a very mild extent.

In the God of War Series

Mortals are often seen as a weak and cowardly lot, running away in the heat of battle in fear of being killed, but some, such as Spartan warriors, are courageous, brash, and fierce. Kratos is technically mortal, despite being a demigod; it can be assumed that a demigod represents the strongest kind of mortal, as many different examples are given of demigods performing superhuman tasks (e.g. Hercules, Theseus, etc.)

Throughout Kratos' destructive journey for revenge, many mortals perished, and by the end of God of War III, nearly every mortal on the planet had been extinguished, mainly due to plagues caused by Kratos upon his genocide of the Gods. Luckily, Kratos had released the power of Hope to the world at the cost of his own life, in order for mankind to rise from their ashes and gain that which they require to live their lives without the Gods.

Mortals are used as warriors for the four most powerful Olympian gods (Zeus, Poseidon, Hades, and Ares) in the multiplayer of God of War: Ascension. They appear to have enhanced strength and fighting skills, many, if not all, possess magical abilities based off from the god they serve.

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