The Huldra Creature is a bipedal, camel-like animal and Brok's personnel caravan in God of War (2018). She was nicknamed Fucking Gratitude by her owner.


The Huldra Creature is large in size and has chimeric anatomy. She appears to have the body of a yak and the head of a condor, and she walks on two legs, giving her a passing resemblance to theropod dinosaurs. The hind limbs resemble those of a rhinoceros, and have three hooved toes on each foot.

God of War (2018)

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Kratos and Atreus, on their way to the highest peak of Midgard, run into the dwarf blacksmith Brok, who has problems with the creature that carries his forge. The Huldra Creature is afraid to advance on the bridge, having sensed the presence of other fearsome creatures. Atreus, with his ability to read the minds of the creatures, discovers the animal's fear and orders his father to throw the axe towards the distant trees. In that way scare the creatures and get the Huldra Creature continue his way. Brok grateful offers his services to improve and sell combat equipment.

Later the Huldra Creature is seen again when Brok arrives at the Temple of Tyr, where the dwarf opens a new tent while she feeds on a bunch of fish that became stranded when the temple rose from the water. The next time they meet, Atreus asks Brok about the charging creature and he replies that she is dead, he ate her after he found out her milk ran dry.


  • Huldra Creature possibly similar to the "Tauntauns" in Star Wars: Empire Strikes Back. They're both bipedal and lizard-like creatures with mammalian features.


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