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Hræzlyr is a male Dragon and a boss in God of War (2018).


Hræzlyr is a male Dragon that lives in the Heart of the Mountain, the highest peak in Midgard and a former Jötnar residence.

When Kratos and his son Atreus were travelling through the mountain's interior to reach the summit, Hræzlyr attacked them on their way up. After a brief fight, the Dragon retreated towards the exterior. There, he found the Dwarf Sindri and attacked the smith, but Atreus intervened and Kratos engaged in combat against the Dragon.

Their battle continued until Hræzlyr spotted and attempted to kill Atreus and Sindri, but Kratos used a nearby crane to restrain the Dragon and force his neck into a large spike of crystallized World Tree sap which exploded, destroying a large portion of the Dragon's neck and killing the monster.

After his death, one of Hræzlyr's teeth was used to imbue Atreus' bow with the Dragon's electrical power.

Powers and Abilities

As a Dragon, Hræzlyr possesses a large amount of strength, durability and stamina proportional to his large size. He has thick and tough scales covering his body, alongside large claws and teeth.

Hræzlyr has the ability to spew lightning from his mouth, able to shoot it towards to the sky to make lightning rain around him.

Dragons are also able to see dwarves as they walk between realms, thus Hræzlyr was able to spot Sindri despite his attempts to escape from his sight.



  • Hræzlyr's name is very close to the word for "Hræzla", which means "terror" in Old Norse.
  • Until the publishing of the art book "The Art of God of War" it was unknown as to why Hræzlyr's wings are misshapen and atrophied, and was later revealed in the book to be an adaptation to living in the confined spaces and tunnels of the mountain. As a result, the Dragon has physically developed throughout his life to adapt living in and around mountain caves as opposed to in open space as Otr, Fafnir, and Reginn. Hræzlyr's crest is also different that he doesn't have an outward protruding horn, and his tail also seems bulkier than the three.
  • Hræzlyr can be considered the Nordic equivalent of opening boss like Aegaeon, Basilisk, Hydra, Scylla, Colossus of Rhodes, Poseidon & the Hippocampi from the previous game.
    • However, The Stranger is actually the opening spectacle boss (the trolls were bosses due to the health bar being cumbersome to place anywhere else), but Hraezlyr is the largest monster fought in the game (not counting Thamur's corpse).
  • According to Sindri, Hræzlyr was the first Dragon to be killed in centuries.