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The Horn of Boreas in God of War: Ghost of Sparta.

The Horn of Boreas was an artifact that was found in God of War: Ghost of Sparta.

Kratos found that item in the Shrine of Boreas while he traveled in the caves beneath the Aroanian Mountains on his return to Atlantis. The horn was capable of summoning an icy tempest by swinging it around, which damaged and froze all nearby enemies. That weapon could also destroy the shields and armor that various creatures utilized in addition to freezing them.

Orb Costs

  • Level 1 - N/A
  • Level 2 - 6,350 Orbs
  • Level 3 - 12,650 Orbs


Level 1

  • Roaring Tempest - Hold up directional button to summon a tempest of ice that can hits multiple times and can freeze multiple enemies. Hold Up

Level 2

  • Increased Damage
  • Increased Range

Level 3

  • Increased Damage
  • Increased Range


  • That weapon was similar to Medusa's Gaze and the Head of Euryale, except instead of turning your enemies to stone, they were frozen. The Horn of Boreas also added to the players' hit meter and allowed for combo attacks.
  • The Shrine of Boreas featured two large Dredge of Boreas Statues.
  • If you used the God Armor while in the Combat Arena, plenty of Red Orbs scattered during the freezing effects of the Roaring Tempest.

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