He doesn't. He's my friend.

–Freya to Atreus

Hildsvini a boar and Freya's friend, who traveled with her on many journeys.

Norse Mythology

The story of Hildisvíni appears in Hyndluljóð, an Old Norse poem found in Flateyjarbok but often considered a part of the Poetic Edda. In the poem, Freyja is searching for the ancestry of her protégé, Óttar. Freyja rides on her boar Hildisvíni, who is in fact Óttar in disguise. They meet Hyndla who is a seeress. Freyja succeeds in forcing Hyndla to tell Óttar about his ancestors.

In the God of War Series

God of War (2018)

The boar is met when Atreus tries to hunt it and chases it down, Freya then appears who was protecting it and she tries to heal the shot and injuries by Atreus. Kratos and Atreus agree to help heal the boar and are taken back to her home. After it is healed Atreus asks Freya about it, she mentions it's name and says that the boar is a friend of hers.

Powers & Abilities 

Hildisvíni possesses some powers.

  • Shape-shifting: According to Freya, it can change itself into anything.


  • The boar that Freya claims is her friend is Hildisvíni, a boar within Norse mythology that is said to accompany Freya. This is proven when you enter Freya's house and the boar is still resting, Atreus asks the boar's name, to which she replies "Hildisvíni, he's a good friend of mine".


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