High Priest of the Fates

High Priests of the Fates are one of the enemies Kratos encounters on his quest to kill Zeus, in God of War II. They are very powerful disciples of the Sisters of Fate themselves, and carry some of their powers with them to defeat Kratos in his journey.


They appear as old men adorned in ceremonial robes, and carry a magical scroll with them. Having the power to teleport, they can also drain Kratos' own magic. Additionally, they can create a small green tornado to relent Kratos, and hurt him with green magic claws. With their scrolls, they can even summon additional monsters to their aid.

Kratos can inflict damage upon the priests by locking his blade with their scroll and pushing them in a power struggle, after the which he gives them an uppercut, sending them flying. After doing enough damage, Kratos initiates a final power struggle, and then kills the priests by kicking their legs, making them lose balance, impaling them in the back with one of his blades and cutting their throats with the other. Killing Priests yields Kratos blue and red orbs.

Kratos only encounters the High Priests twice in his campaign after the Sisters: once in the Hall of Atropos, where they were known to mostly summon Minotaurs Grunts, and during Kratos' attempt to protect a Translator from harm, where they summoned Fates Guardians. Also, they appear in the sixth and seventh Challenge of the Titans, where they could summon Wild Cerberus and Cyclops Berserker, respectively.


  • The High Priests of the Fates are voiced by Robin Atkin Downes and Armin Shimerman.
  • In Perfection is Divine, the seventh Challenge of the Titans, the player gains a bonus if he completes the challenge without using magic. If a High Priest of the Fates attempts to grab Kratos with his claw and drain his magic, it will count as magic use and the bonus will be failed, no matter for how long the magic was drained. To keep the bonus, it is necessary to avoid the Priests' magic drain.
  • High Priest's chant:


  • A priest, summoning a Minotaur
  • A priest drains Kratos' magic
  • High Priest of the Fates
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