Herodius' morning star.

Herodius' Morning Star is the weapon of choice of the Theran warlord Herodius, using it during his various travels and slaughtering all in his path with it.

In order to rescue his land from disease, Herodius, along with an army of Theran warriors, set out on a quest for Ambrosia, a liquid produced by Asclepius created to heal any illness or wound.

His quest was suddenly interrupted by the Spartan warrior, Kratos, who, with his own army, sought out the Ambrosia as well in order to cure the Spartan's daughter from a deathly illness.

The Therans and Spartans battled, with the latter emerging the victors. Herodius, shocked at the violent deaths of his comrades, was then attacked by Kratos, who was grounded by the Theran's morning star.

However, despite Herodius' efforts and pure intentions, he was ultimately murdered by Kratos, who finished him off by driving his sword into the Theran's face.

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