If only one people can possess Asclepius' ambrosia--it will be ours!


Herodius was a Theran warlord and chosen warrior of Poseidon.


From the village of Thera, Herodius began the search for Ambrosia when his village and its people fell victim to a plague secretly placed upon them by Poseidon.

A tall, battle-weathered, brute of a man, with long black hair swept over his face, Herodius sported several tattoos and  as well as wielded a chained morning star as his weapon of choice. He was blind in one eye, due to a scar crossing it. He was killed by Kratos when the Spartan took him by surprise, striking him in the face with his sword.


  • Herodius is from the island of Thera, which in the God of War mythos was probably named after the Titan Thera herself. The island would later be destroyed because of the erupting volcano and the release of the Thera, thus sinking Atlantis, and destroying nearby islands like Crete, all due to Kratos.

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