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The Hall of Trials in God of War.

The Hall of Trials was located under Zeus Mountain, and lead up into the room that contained Pandora's Box.

It was an extremely dangerous area and was the "final test" before Kratos reached Pandora's Box. Large stone gears lined both sides of the hall and constantly ground away. Added to the danger, there were conveyor belts that moved between the gears. In order to complete that trial, Kratos had to eliminate all of the large hordes of Cursed Archers and Harpies that bombarded him as he made his way down the hall.

One last element of danger was that the platforms between the gears, where the archers stood, had flame jets, that activated and burned Kratos to a crisp if he stayed on the platforms too much, which forced him to remain on the conveyor belts, and was quick in killing the archers.

Upon completing the trials, Kratos was able to retrieve the Box, and, at long last, left the temple.


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