The Hades Juggernaut

The Hades Juggernaut is an enemy that Kratos encounters in God of War II, in some areas of the Island of Creation.

They are tall enemies wearing dark armors and shields that attack Kratos with a flaming flail. They can attack by running towards the Spartan and delivering a blow with their flails, by swinging their weapon around or slamming it on the ground, which is the only attack that cannot be blocked.

As Kratos damages them, their shields and pieces of their armor break and fall on the ground. When they are weakened, Kratos can kill them by stabbing their torso with his Blades, climbing them, latching the Blades around their necks and then leaping to the ground, pulling the chains and beheading them. Killing Hades Juggernaut yields Kratos golden Rage of the Titansorbs.


  • Armored Hades Juggernaut Concept Art
  • Hades Juggernaut Concept Art

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  • The Talos present in God of War III and God of War: Ascension  share some similarities with this enemy, since they are also tall enemies with heavy weapons whose pieces break and fall apart as they are weakened. Killing a Bronze Talos in God of War III, will yields golden orbs like the Juggernaut does. They are killed in different ways, however.
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