The Hades Fiend is the fiery undead corpse of what appears to
be a feminine warrior, and one of the multiple enemies Kratos encountered during his quest to the Sisters. He first encounters them in the Ruins of the Forgotten, and then in some other places in the Island of Creation.

They are adorned in bronze female battle armor, carry a sword in their right hand, and have the ability to summon fireballs in their left hand, which they can throw at Kratos from a distance. Kratos can damage them by grabbing them, thrusting one of his blades through their back, and then throwing them to the ground, making them bounce. Once weakened, Kratos can kill the enemy by tackling it to the ground, taking its sword, beating it in the face with its hilt, and finally impaling it in the face. If enough damage is dealt with standard attacks, the fiend falls down, catches on fire, follows Kratos around by crawling towards him, and eventually blows up, doing damage if close enough. The Fiend will not catch fire if finished off by a grab.


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