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Hades Cerberus Whelp

Hades Cerberus Whelps are enemies encountered by Kratos in God of War III. They are most common during the first journey through the Underworld.

God of War III

They appear as small, ravenous dogs composed of volcanic stone and fire. They most often appear in large groups, and attack Kratos either by rushing up and biting him, or by leaping onto him from behind. If a Hades Cerberus Whelp leaps onto Kratos, rapidly shake the joystick so that the Spartan can throw it back off.

At any time, by pressing the O Button, Kratos can harm Hades Cerberus Whelps by throwing them to the ground and kicking them away. Doing this will injure the hound, along with any enemies that get in its way when kicked. Once the hound has been weakened, Kratos can kill it by grabbing it and breaking its jaws with his bare hands.

Near the end of the game, Kratos will confront the Hades Cerberus Breeder, which has the ability to spit out a new type of Hades Cerberus Whelp. These hounds emit flames from their bodies and explode in short order. Their only attack is running at Kratos and trying to catch him in their detonation, but Kratos can simply kick them away and catch foes in the blast.


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