Hades Cerberus

Hades Cerberus

The Hades Cerberus is a powerful breed of Cerberus that appears exclusively in the depths of the Underworld in God of War III.

God of War III

Like all other breeds of Cerberi, they are monstrous, three-headed dogs. However, the Hades Cerberi are even larger than the other types, and appear to be composed of hellish fire. When the time finally comes for Kratos to enter Hades' Palace, its gates are guarded by a pair of Hades Cerberi, who attack Kratos together.

12-Hades Cerberus Breeder

The Hades Cerberus attacks Kratos by leaping at him, striking him with its claws, or by spitting fireballs at him from a distance via any one of its three mouths. Kratos can defeat a Hades Cerberus by decapitating its left and right heads one by one, and finally impaling the central head and breaking its neck.

Late in the game, Kratos must fight an even larger and stronger version of the Hades Cerberus, known as the Hades Cerberus Breeder.

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