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The throne room

Hades' Throne Room was a location in the Underworld. It appears in God of War III as the location of the battle between Kratos and Hades himself.


Hades' Throne Room only appears in God of War III. After solving a puzzle and smashing through the chest of a statue of Hades, Kratos finds himself in the Throne Room, where Hades reminds him of his loss of his niece, Athena, and his younger brother, Poseidon. Hades then tells Kratos that he still remembers that he was the one who killed his wife, Persephone. Eventually, Hades rips a hole in the floor and attempts to drag Kratos into the River Styx. Kratos pulls himself back up, and eventually defeats Hades, taking his soul and acquiring the Claws of Hades. Kratos then swims away from the Throne Room and meets Hephaestus in his Forge.


  • Hades' throne is seen after the first phase of the battle after Hades' helmet is removed in the background.
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