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Kratos! I have been awaiting your return!


Greek Mythology

Gyges is one of the three Hecatonchires. Having fifty heads and one hundred arms, massive, deformed creatures that are the sons of Ouranos and Gaia. Gyges is the brother of Briareus (also known as Aegaeon) and Cottus. Ouranos banished them to Tartarus for their appearance. They helped Cronus defeat Ouranos, only to be banished once again. The cycle completed itself once again, as they helped Zeus overthrow Cronos, and finally became the guards of Tartarus.

In God of war  road to athens

After arriving on the island where the Ambrosia is being kept, one more task by the king of the gods zeus has tell to kratos that taking the ambrosia is the only way to get helped by the gods to kill ares but there is a secret that kratos will learn and that secret will be the distruction to the mortals semigods gods and titans the whole greek mthology who actually rocks


  • Gyges' brother Aegaeon, appears as a Titan-sized prison in which Kratos is held in God of War: Ascension, and is the first boss in the game. Cottus has not appeared in the series yet.
  • Although they are brothers, Gyges and Aegaeon look very different; this is most likely because the physical appearances of the Hekantonkheires cannot be equal to each other. As they were so hideous, no exact being could match any of them.
    • It is also possible that the art designers for God of War: Ascension wished to create a new design in order to gain a separate identity for the brothers.
    • Apparently Gyges knows Kratos is Zeus' son as he calls him "Son of Zeus" though this might be due to Kratos being a god and most are the children of Zeus and Gyges may unknowingly have called Kratos the correct term.


  • Gyges awakens!
  • Gyges tries to devour Kratos.
  • Kratos attacks Gyges.

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