"Kratos! I have been awaiting your return!" - Gyges

Greek Mythology

Gyges is one of three of the Hekatonkheires. Having fifty

Gyges reveals himself.

heads and one hundred arms, massive, deformed creatures that are the sons of Ouranos and Gaia. Gyges is the brother of Briareus and Cottus. Ouranos banished them to Tartarus for their appearance. They helped Cronos defeat Ouranos, only to be banished once again. The cycle completed itself once again, as they helped Zeus overthrow Cronos, and finally became the guards of Tartarus.

In God of War Comics

After arriving on the island where the Ambrosia is being kept, Kratos encounters a waking yet hungry Gyges, one of the three Hecatonchires, who was the island itself and has remained dormant. There he waited, until Kratos returned, during his quest to acquire the Ambrosia once more.


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