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A Griffen rider

Griffin Riders are standard minions that appear very similar to the Fates Sentry.

Led by the Dark Rider, and riding Griffins, Riders attack Kratos during his travels on Pegasus, commanding their Griffins. If close enough, they will leap from their Griffins, onto Kratos and Pegasus. Kratos then shakes them off and cuts them apart in mid-air.

After weakening a mounted Griffin, Kratos jumps onto it, fights the rider, knocks it off down to Earth, and rips the creature's wings off.


  • The only difference between the Griffin Riders and the Fates Sentries is the weapon they carry. The Griffin Riders wield Medjay swords as the Fates Sentries wields a more axe looking sword.
  • The early concept art of God of War II shows an enemy similar to Griffin Rider. This Rider is an undead soldier with a medjay sword/spear as his mount was no griffin but a Raven which was later cut.


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